Get radiant looking skin with our soft and refreshing day cream with SPF 30




Just had the signature CatioVital Facial at Mary Cohr, India which they specially customised just for my highly sensitive / dry skin. My skin looks gooood if I may say so myself 😁 (hence the big smile)

Rohina Anand

The Instant Anti Redness Cream from Mary Cohr has become my go-to product! I have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to redness and this cream has been such a saviour! My skin instantly feels great, soothed and not irritated!

Maia Sethna

I just got done with the Ah-mazing Catio Vital Youth Signature treatment and OMG!! I wish you could feel my skin! This facial helps in reboosting our cells and just overall gives you the glow we are after!!!

Nauheed Cyrusi

I have been avidly using the Eye Contour Acti-Serum for over 3 months and I am so impressed!
My wrinkles and fine lines have visibly smoothened and the skin around my eye contour appears much rejuvenated

Vibha Bhandari

It was the most relaxing 60 min treatment customised for my skin that helped rejuvenate it & stimulate the cellular activity.My skin was beaming from within it felt so hydrated , clear & flawless ✨

Kanika Khatri