About us

At the forefront in skincare research, Mary Cohr is a unique brand that has made major strides in the science of Beauty. Founded in 1973 and present in over 60 countries, Mary Cohr is a brand of the Guinot-Mary Cohr group, specializing in customized Beauty Care Treatments for women that combine patented technologies with professional Aromatherapy. With the beautician’s expert manual techniques, the powerful skincare properties of Essential Oils and Natural active ingredients, women are able to see rapid changes in their skin.

Our high-end product range consists of the best quality skin whitening and lightening products available online which includes but is not limited to lotions, serums, anti-ageing products and much more. Our product encompasses the entire luxurious spa experience for you to relish. What makes Mary Cohr unique is that our beauty treatments are carried out using patented devices incorporating high-tech technology that provides effective results. Every product used from start to finish is manufactured in France and is a 100% natural, i.e. GMO-free, paraben-free, chemical filter-free and with skin-compatible scents. Our high-tech skincare formulas are manufactured in our laboratory in France in compliance with precise and rigorous pharmaceutical standards.