Let's help you make a swift change to your monsoon beauty routine!

We all have been eagerly waiting for the monsoon, and it's almost round the corner. Monsoon might be suitable for all of us, but it certainly means a lot of attention to your skin. This is because your skin reacts to the changes in weather. Therefore, you must transition from your summer regime to a suitable monsoon routine. 


Monsoon means a lot of water, which is undoubtedly absolute humidity in the air, which makes your skin oily, sweaty, and dull, and draws pollutants, dust, and pollution from the environment.


Let us help you with the swift change to the monsoon beauty regime.

1.  Cleansing Kit for All Skin Types by Mary Cohr


Firstly, do not forget the basic routine that you need to follow no matter which season: clean, moisturize and protect. What you can do is change the products that are monsoon suitable, like Cleansing Kit for All Skin Types by Mary Cohr.

2. Perfect Gel Cleanser by Mary Cohr

​​Thanks to the miraculous triple transformation texture of the
Perfect Gel Cleanser by Mary Cohr, your daily cleansing routine becomes a moment of pure pleasure. Using water or gel-based products during monsoon work wonders for your skin. 

3. PhytOxygene Mask

You can also use a PhytOxygene Mask formulated with 95% ingredients of natural origin; the PhytOxygene skincare products help oxygenate and detoxify the skin. In only 10 minutes, the Phytoxygene Mask helps absorb the different impurities on the skin's surface (pollution, toxins, and sebum). It helps your skin get rid of all impurities, the complexion looks radiantly beautiful, and the skin can breathe freely.

4. PhytOxygene Treatment 

During monsoon, wash your face regularly, at least three to four times daily, to keep the clogged pores clean. Further, weekly exfoliation procedures are essential for removing dead skin cells and preventing skin infections. You can use a light scrub that won't irritate your skin. If you do not have enough time to use various products, then you certainly use a treatment specially designed to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. There are treatments like Mary Cohr's PhytOxygene Treatment

Oxygenating Detox Treatment is an exclusive Treatment method that detoxifies and oxygenates the skin using the power of nature. The treatment is a natural "breath of fresh air." It allows the skin to breathe freely, leaving it clear and radiantly beautiful.